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Kefalonian Oil Company was founded by Mr. Fotis Stamenis in 2005 with operations beginning in 2008 in a privately owned space in Dorizata Kefalonia licensed with number EL 3027310005 as an approved official fiscal fuel warehouse for the exclusive use of supplying maritime transit fuel to commercial ships, yachts etc. who are entitled under Greek law to this

The founder was inspired to create this pioneering company due to an actual need for this type of fuel supply (quality and duty free).

The product is under great demand and even more so, because of our geographic location. Kefalonia is the first Island you meet in the Ionian Sea, when arriving in Greek waters and our company is the only licensed and approved in West Greece. Any other company in the region can provide fuel but ONLY we can provide duty-free and quality assured fuel. Thus this is a pioneering activity in an area that was in real need of such a company, for the development of marine tourism.

The founder of the company comes from the energy/oil field with specialization in aviation fuel with over twenty years of experience as a power station developer and manager in the state airport of Cephalonia. Within this capacity, he conceived the idea of setting up a transit fuel station.

Having this kind of expertise the company has successfully operated for over 11 years and moving into further success and growth. We provide supreme quality fuel. Realistically, we are your only choice, but even if we had competition, we would still be your ONLY choice.

Yours truly,
Fotis Stamenis

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